• Post Falls Dam

  • Photographed by Tom Holman


The quaint community of Worley, Idaho is located in the S. W. corner of Kootenai County, Idaho, 28 miles south of Coeur d' Alene. This small Idaho town is the perfect backdrop for Lake Coeur d'Alene, with its rolling fields of wheat, bluegrass and lentils, and its scenic location nestled along the timbered shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene.

Beginning in the mid-1990's, a surge of growth occurred with the opening of the Coeur d' Alene Tribal Casino, located 4 miles northwest of the City. The Coeur d' Alene Tribal Casino is the biggest employer in the area.

Worley is well known for its numerous fireworks stands and assigned places to detonate them. The private fireworks in Worley rival those of big cities on the 4th of July as people flock to Worley from 3 states to purchase astonishing complex fireworks at low prices

Worley Attractions

Coeur d'Alene Resort and Casino
Conkling Marina & Resort


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