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  • Photographed by Tom Holman

Boundary County

Local Facts
Population: approximately 10,972
Elevation at Bonners Ferry: 1,780
Highest Point: 7,669, Big Fisher Ridge
Lake Pend Oreille: 1225 ft. deep
Boundary County was Established in 1893.

Boundary CountyBonners FerryBoundary County, a place where you feel all is as it should be, a true feeling of being alive... Nestled between Canada, Washington and Montana, the rugged beauty of Idaho’s spectacular northern gateway is Boundary County. Flanked by the incredible Selkirk Mountain range on the western side, and sharp-peaked Cabinet Mountains framing the eastern border is an outdoor lover’s retreat.

The Italians who laid down this area’s stretch of railway paid homage to their homeland by naming the small town Naples. Home to a unique, old time General Store, Naples is just north of McArthur Lake Reservoir. In the winter, people from all over the nation head here for world-class snowmobiling. Locals and those in the know head for the large parking/trailhead area just below Roman Nose at the base of the Selkirk Range southwest of Bonner’s Ferry. This “saddle up” location has elevated fire pits and picnic tables for taking a break. Summer recreation includes fishing, and hiking at Roman. The entire area is heavy with an abundance of excellent fishing, hunting, golfing, bicycling, snowmobiling, and exciting wildlife viewing which entices visitors from around the world. Easy to see why, despite the hard work and travails of 1800’s Idaho, those early Italians decided to stay instead of emigrating back to the Old Country.

Boundary County - Bonner's Ferry

Bonners FerryBonner’s Ferry, known as Idaho’s Northern International Gateway, is nestled between the Selkirk and Cabinet Mountains on the banks of the Kootenai River. The present location of Bonner’s Ferry was first utilized by the white man as a camping site in 1859.

Bonners Ferry

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