• Post Falls Dam

  • Photographed by Tom Holman

Farragut State Park

Lookout/Mullan Pass Loop
Route Directions:
Exit I-90 at the Wallace Exit 61.  The ride starts across from the Visitor’s Center.  You will climb 2495 ft on this ride.

0.0    This trail connects with the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes when you get under I-90.  Continue East under I-90.
0.5    Wallace Trailhead.
1.8    Restless Rapids Wayside
3.6    Golconda Wayside
7.3    Mullan Trailhead.  Looking east, you will see a paved trail between the large brick building on your left and the "Yuppie Trails" store on your right. Follow this through town as you first approach and then join Earle Street, which appears on your left.
7.8    Ride past the ball park , join the I-90 Business Loop road present on your right, and pass by the freeway interchange, following the sign to "Shoshone Park." Proceed past the Lucky Friday Mine and over a Willow Creek to an important fork in the road.
9.0    Turn right on Willow Creek Rd.  If you continue to the left, you can get to Shoshone Park and the Hale Fish Hatchery where you can also find the Northern Pacific route to Lookout Pass.  This route is shown on the map in orange.  It is 4 miles longer, but is an easier climb.
9.6    You are on the last overpass in Idaho.
10.6    Junction of Willow Creek Rd and the Northern Pacific route trail.  Continue on the Northern Pacific route.
11.9    You just passed the site of the remnants of the Dorsey trestle and now can see the concrete foundation for old Dorsey Water Tank.
13.3    Site of the remnants of the second trestle.  Almost to the top.
15.6    Top of Lookout Pass.  Cross over I-90, then take the road to the right.
15.8    Go around the gate, and take the next left.
16.1    A high spot across I-90 from the ski area parking lot.
16.3    Trail turns away from I-90.
16.5    Trail is into the woods.
17.1    Trail has crossed over into the S. Fork Coeur d’Alene River valley.
17.5    The single track climbs onto an old logging road that is fairly level for a ways.
18.3    Spur road goes down to meet Mullan Pass Rd and single track climbs away from the spur road.  Stay on the single track.
18.6    Nice view of the valley.
19.1    The trail here is a blend of spur roads and bits of single track.
19.6    Turn left onto Mullan Pass Road.  It is all downhill from here to Wallace.  Stay on Mullan Pass Road past Shoshone Park.  Continue back into Mullan.  Return to Wallace on the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes.
36.0    Back at the starting spot across from the Wallace Visitor’s Center.

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