b"95, the next 16 miles (to junction of Hwys3-mile drive on FS Rd 398 for the [9]Ross 1 and 95), offer magnificent views of theCreek Cedars Scenic Areawhere many Kootenai River Valley and the peaks of thetrees are well over 200 years old. OnceAREA INFO: Selkirk and Cabinet mountain ranges.youarebackonHwy56goingsouth, IfyougototheleftonHwy1atyouwillenjoybreathtakingglimpsesHope, Clark Fork, Trestle Hope, Clark Copeland,watchforthesignstotheintothestunningCabinetMountainsFork, Trestle Creek ChamberWestsideRoad.ThisroadleadstoanWilderness Area. Turn west at Hwy 56 & overlook of the worlds largest hops fields200 and follow the Clark Fork River via theP.O. Box 304farmoperatedby[5] Anheuser-Bush .worthwhile Pend Oreille Scenic Byway toHope, ID 83833Continue north on Hwy 1 to the borderLakePendOreille.[10]CabinetGorgeBonners Ferrycrossing at Porthill (open 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.Damviewpoint is located on Hwy 200Ranger Stationdaily). When crossing the border throughjustbeforetheMontanaborder.The CanadianCustomsbesuretocarryasheerwallsofthegorgecarvedout208.267.5561Creston, B.C. passport or original birth certificate andbyrepeatingfloodsover20,000yearsBonners Ferry Chamber3 birthcertificatesforyourchildren.Youagoled to the building of this 208-ft. cannot take firearms or pepper spray intohigh & 600 ft. long arched dam builtinP.O. Box X,21 Canada Canada. A short drive to Creston leads to1952. The impoundment holds back 24Bonners Ferry, ID 83805Porthill [ 6 ] Eastport the Hwy 3 loop east to the Hwy 95 bordermiles of water, all but the last half mile of208.267.5922KootenaiRiver 1 crossing at Eastport (open 24 hours daily)it is in Montana. Nearby Noxon Reservoirwww.bonnersferrychamber.comCopeland Montana and returns you to Idaho. offersexcellentfishingopportunitiesKootenai National Travelingsouthfrom[6]Eastport andisoneofthetopbassfisheriesWildlife RefugeIdahoSmith Creek [ 5 ] onHwy95,encounteranumberofinMontana.About7milespastthe208.267.3888fishing and camping locations includingviewpoint, you will come to the lumber 18 95 River theMoyieRiverjustonemilesouthof& mining town of [11]Clark Fork , which MoyieWestside the border. In May and June, the Moyieis 8 miles east of Hope and home to aKootenai TribeRoad 34 boastsasuperb15milewildernessfish hatchery. Want to see deer? Take aSturgeon Fish HatcheryKOOTENAI NAT'L [ 7 ] MOYIE BRIDGE whitewaterrun.Fast-paced,frolickingshort side trip from Clark Fork to the [12] 208.267.3519WILDLIFE REFUGE [ 4 ] [ 3 ] rapidssurroundedbyaverdantcedarHope Peninsulawhere you will almost Snow Creek Moyie Springs forestandthechancetoseemoose,certainlyseegrazingherdsofwhitetailHIGHLIGHTS:Bonners Ferry 2 ospreyandotherwildlifemakethisadeerandgagglesofCanadiangeese. ROMAN NOSE Naples super adventure. Traveling further southThere you will find the David ThompsonMoyie River Bridge [ 2 ] Kootenai Game Preserve, named after a remarkableHighest bridge in IdahoRiver onCountyRoad34,followtheMoyie Snowmobiling River on a well-maintained gravel road toearly explorer who established a trading Trailhead [ 1 ] the junction with Hwy 2.At Hwy 2, turnpost here called the Kullyspell House, theRoss Creek CedarsMcArthur dary C oLake u n u n westandreturntoBonnersFerryandfirst European settlement in Idaho, fromCopper Fallso t Sandpoint or head east toward Montanawhere he traded with the Indian tribes of B y to cross the [7]Moyie River Bridgethe region.Unique geologic site with Pack N Troy ThesteephillsidetownsofHope&short, easy hike to spectacular falls.River said to be the highest bridge in Idaho. At O 2 this point there is an overview, where onEast Hope offer stupendous views acrossMyrtle Creek Fallsh da [ 8 ] A developed hiking trail windsnoTeR occasion, you can see water spill over thethenorthernendofLakePendOreille. Moyie River Dam. EarlyChineselaborersontheNorthern SCHWEITZER 95 If you choose the extended route intoPacificRailroadremainedaftertherailsup to a viewpoint of the impressive falls.MOUNTAIN Montana, continue east about 4 miles onwerelaid,andasmallcemeteryatthe RESORT [ 12 ] Hwy 2. From the Moyie River, its 10 mileswestendofHopehonorstheremainsSmith Creek FallsSandpoint Hope Bull Lake easttoIdaho-Montanastatelineandoftheseearlyinhabitants.HopeoffersFalls are on private property,DAVID THOMPSON [ 9 ] the [8]Kootenai NationalForest. ThreeRV parks, a marina, camping, fishing andobserve from the road.Pend Oreille 200 GAME PRESERVE ROSS CREEK 56River CEDARS miles east of Troy, Montana, youll find theother services. Drive along the lake to theSnow Creek FallsClark Fork SCENIC AREA junction of Hwys 2 and 56. Stay on Hwy 2junction of Hwys 200 and 95 and head [ 11 ] for about 3.5 miles to reach the Kootenainorth on Hwy 95 to return to BonnersShort walk to the falls on improved trail [ 10 ] Falls and The Swinging Bridge. KootenaiFerry.Sam Owen Campground, nestledwith overlooks.Pend Oreille Lake Fallswasthesettingforthefilmingofon the banks of Lake Pend Oreille offers CABINET GORGE DAM themovie, RiverWild.Returnwesttoanicestopforcamping,picnicking, Clark ForkRiver the junction and turnsouth on Hwy 56swimming or boating.NOXON to Bull Lake. Past the south end of Bull RESERVOIR Lake, turn west on FS Road 398.Take the Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org 9"