b'Kootenai CountyCoeur d\'Alene, Post Falls, RathdrumKootenaiCountyofferseverythingfromworldclassresorts to remote campsites, unique souvenirs to original art, picnics toBayviewpremiere restaurants.[1] Coeur dAlene(pronounced core-da-lane), the once-upon-a-time 1870s outpost for Fort Sherman is now a thriving mini- Spirit Lake 54metropoliswithalltheamenitiesofalargecosmopolitancity.Athol FARRAGUTSittingprettyonLakeCoeurdAlenesnorthshore,distinctiveE. Bunco Rd. STATE PARKSILVERWOODnorthwest shops, antique stores, casual and gourmet restaurants,THEME PARK [ 7 ]and art galleries, flavor this romantic retreat along with a vibrant41 otenaiC o uwaterfront with beaches, parks, public docks, cruise boat rides, &o n tthe opportunity to walk on the worlds longest floating boardwalkTwin Lakes 95 K y which stretches more than 3,000 feet into the lake at the award- [ 8 ] Nwinning Coeur dAlene Resort.The carousel that sat near the shoreRathdrumOofLakeCoeurdAlenealongtheoldPlaygroundPierforthree53 n dR aeo Thdecadesandthenmysteriouslydisappearedinthe1970shasHauser Haydenreturned. The now restored 20 horse Merry-Go-Round is open forLake Lakebusiness May through October next to Memorial Field. 41 [ 6 ] [ 2 ] CANFIELD MNT.Whats with the funny name? Early French explorers in the late53 Hayden18th or early 19th century, impressed by the local Indians sharpPost Falls[ 9 ] 268trading practices, proclaimed they possessed hearts (Coeur) like anState Line [ 1 ] Dalton Gardensawl (dAlene)a sharp tool used to pierce and sew leather. In the[ 10 ] I-90 Fernanancient tribal language, members call themselves, "Schitsu\'umsh,"Coeur d\'Alene Lake Villagemeaning "The Discovered People" or "Those Who Are Found Here."Pleasant View [ 5 ]WashingtonLocals now abbreviate Coeur dAlene, writing it as CdA.CoeurFernan Lake 124dAlene, a progressive city that attracts commerce and growth, stillIdaho Wolf Lodgeretains its local charm, and more importantly, has made preserving Lake I-90its open spaces and well-groomed trails and paths in and aroundCoeur d\'Alene [ 3 ][ 4 ] 97 SCENIC BYWAYthe town a top priority. A multimillion-dollar makeover of the 20- Mineral Ridge NRTacre McEuen Field on Front Ave. is a must see. Amenities include aBeauty play area, tennis and basketball courts, an off-leash area for dogs,Creekcommunity gathering areas and an interactive splash pad withCaribou NRTmore than a dozen colorful water features. 95McEuenPark,oftenreferredtoasMcEuenFieldandonce Playfield has had a number of transformations, it was once home to a sawmill, and then, during World War II, a tract of small cottages.Coeur d\'AleneIt even served a stint as the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. The park97 RiverLakeLOCAL FACTS. Coeur d\'Alene Harrison Population:161,505 Founded: 1864 3Lake Coeur dAlene: 120 ft. deep, 25 miles long 135 miles of shoreline Area: 1,316 sq miles (3,408 km)14 Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org'