b'North LakesBayview, Sandpoint & HopeThe creation of [1]Farragut State Parkis an unintended result of a compact between Adolf Hitler and the Japanese Emperor Hirohito. The intent to invade the United States and divide its land between them led to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The U.S. response toN orth Lak ethis attack included the building of the Farragut NavalsTraining Station inland, along the shore of Lake PendNordman NOreille.The buildings and infrastructure were hurriedlyPriestconstructed in 11 months by 22,000 civilian workers atPriest Lake OdT ana cost of $160 million. Named after the first Admiral ofLake ohe Rthe Navy, David Glasgow Farragut, the station operated[ 7 ]from 1942-46 and had 293,381 men train there. CarvedMcArthurfrom the remote forests of North Idaho, it became theLakelargest city in Idaho with a population over 50,000. ByCoolinthe late 40s the U.S. government put the land up for sale. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game bought To Bonners Ferryparcels along the shoreline, andthe remaining landand Canadawas given to the State of Idaho as the Farragut Wildlife57 [ 5 ] PackWashington PonderayManagement Area. A 20- acre parcel was retained for an SCHWEITZER 95 Riveracoustic research detachment, which is still in operationMOUNTAINtoday for the U.S. Navy.Idaho RESORT Kootenai 200Museum at the Brig offers park history and is open allOden Bay Sunnysideyear. Made of concrete blocks, the Brig is square in designPriest Dover [ 4 ]with an inner courtyard. It is one of a few structures thatRiver Sandpoint Bottle Bay HopeSagleremain from the 776 buildings that made up the FarragutNewport, Wa Springy Point[ 6 ] Priest River Pend Oreille Camp Bay OwenNaval Training Station during World War II. The Brig is listedRiver Round Lk.on the National Register of Historic Places Old Town 2 Dufort Rd. Gareld Bay Clark Fork[ 8 ] ROUND LAKE Pend Oreille LakeFarragut has a well-developed system of paths for hiking,STATE PARK To Montanabiking and equestrian with over 4,000 forested acres.Lake [ 3 ] Talache Indian PointSummer facilities include swimming, boating, fishing (theHoodoo Valley Cocolalla Kilroy Bay Clark Forkworld-record Kamloops (37 pounds) was caught in LakeRiverPend Oreille!), hiking, camping, and a shooting range. To41 Whiskey Rockget to Farragut, drive 95 North at Athol, turn east on HwyBlanchardCape Horn54 (Idahos shortest highway). BayviewFollow Hwy 54 east to[2]Bayview, the Southern[ 9 ] Spirit Lake [ 2 ] Lakeview[ 1 ]Spirit Lake 54Athol FARRAGUTLOCAL FACTS. Twin Lakes STATE PARK Population: 44,727Elevation: from 2,194 - 6,389Twin Lakes Silverwood Lake Pend Oreille: 5th deepest in the US, French for hanging from ear Farragut State Park is the second largest state park in Idaho Hauser 53 HaydenLake Lake53 954110 Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org HaydenI-90'