b"Glacier National ParkGlacier's762mountainlakesarestunningfortheirsheersizetravel to Plains, Montana. At Plains, take a left and the towering mountains rising from the shores of their clearonto Hwy 28 and follow it until it turns into waters.Majesticlandscapes,abundantwildlifesanctuaries,andHwy 93. Follow 93 to Kalispell, Montana. In breath-taking mountainscapes set the backdrop for one of the mostKalispell, get onto Hwy 2 and follow it through beautifulplacesintheRockyMountains.ThisglobaltreasurewasColumbia Falls to West Glacier.sculpted over millions of years by the harsh forces of nature, but the softYou can take an easy 1-mile hike to Rivet beauty that now eminates from this picturesque paradise will welcomeLake from the top of Thompson Pass. Or for and delight you. the more adventurous, theres also a 2.8 mile In 1910 President Taft signed a bill to establish this area as the 10thhike from the Thompson Pass trailhead into National Park in the United States. Ever since 1911, when the park drewBlossom Lake.4,000 visitors and tourists would ride the train to Glacier and travel byForanotherscenicdrivebeforeyouget horsebacktostayatchaletsinthehighcountry,peoplehavebeentoGlacier,taketheSilverLoopTour.Past inspiredandrecognizethevalueofthespectacularscenicbeauty.Thompson Pass lies the town of Thompson Glaciers 1,600 square miles offer visitors a variety of activities, includingFalls.From there, follow the Clark Fork River biking,backpacking,camping,fishing,boating,andhorsebackriding.forascenicbackroadstourtoSt.Regis, The spectacular glaciated landscape is a hikers paradise containing 700Montana.AtSt.Regis,headbackweston miles of maintained trails that lead deep into one of the largest intactI-90andstopatthe10,000DollarSaloon ecosystems in the lower 48 states. Visitors to the park traveling on thefor a unique old-time shopping experience. Going-to-the-Sun road marvel at howsuch a road could have beenTheloopcontinueswestthroughWallace, built. At 50-miles long, the final section of the Going-to-the-Sun Road,Kellogg, and Kingston.over Logan Pass, was completed in 1932 after 11 years of work. The roadROUTE A:is considered an engineering feat and is a National Historic Landmark. ItOf the three routes heading to Glacier, this is one of the most scenic roads in North America. The construction of theis the fastest. This loop takes you through Post road forever changed the way visitors would experience Glacier NationalFalls, Coeur dAlene, Kellogg and Wallace, and Park. Future visitors would drive over sections of the park that previouslyis known for its spectacular mountain peaks had taken days of horseback riding to see.and the 52-mile high Going-To-The-Sun Road.For animal lovers, wildlife abounds here, and black bear, elk, moose,Directions to Route A1:and white-tail deer.Explore the rustic wilderness or just enjoy the pineTravel east on I-90 through Coeur dAlene, covered hills surounding the crystal blue water of Bowman Lake. Tour anKellogg, and Wallace, and drive over Lookout area home to a vast Native American culture brimming with tradition andPass into Montana. Exit at St. Regis.Take Hwy discover two native reservations occupied by the Confederated Salish135 along the St. Regis River until you reach and the Kootenai Tribes filled with natural beauty all their own. The parkthejunctionwithHwy200.Forashorter contains over 350 structures listed on the National Register of Historicroute, turn left and go through Paradise until Sites and six National Historic Landmarks. you reach Plains.From Plains, follow Hwy 28 north until it turns into Hwy 93 and proceed to SCENIC GATEWAY TO GLACIER Kalispell, Montana. From Kalispell, take Hwy 2 This is a wonderful scenic route to take if youre headed east on I-90.through the towns of Columbia Falls, Hungry Just travel eastbound on I-90 until you reach the Kingston Exit #43. FollowHorse and Coram. Next is the town of West Forest Road 9 until you reach Pritchard. At Pritchard, turn right at the signGlacier, the gateway to Glacier National Park. that says Murray/ Thompson Falls/Thompson Pass. Follow this road overDirections to Route A2:the pass and youll come to Hwy 200. Take a right onto Hwy 200 andUponreachingthejunctionofHwy 135andHwy200,takearightontoHwy 200andfollowitpasttheNationalBison WHAT THE LOCALS KNOW. RangeandthroughtheMissionMountain Population: More then 70 species of mammals and over 260 species of birds Valley. TakealeftontoHwy93andfollow theremainingdirectionsforRouteA(1). Preserves over 1,000,000 acres of National Forest lands The Polebridge Mercantile was established in 1914, just 4 years after Glacier Park became a park42 Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org"