b'North LakesPriest River & Priest LakeStay on Hwy 2 until you reach [6] Priest River, a historic logging town.path leading to Granite Falls, one of Idahos Priest River is nestled in the Selkirk Mountain Range & bordered by themost spectacular water falls. For another Priest River on the east and the Pend Oreille River on the south. Glancepeek at life in the past, The Old Hagar Cabin up at the dates on the buildings to get a feel for the towns heritage. For a(once a tool shed on the Hager Property great place to stop for a rest dont let the name Mudhole mislead you. Thisat Bismark Meadows) has been relocated full-service recreation area located at the intersection of the Pend Oreilleto the Buena Vista Studio and Gallery at and Priest Rivers includes a boat launch, swimming, picnic area, and RV/ Nordman, operated by Tom and Arlina campground facilities. Its just one of many beautiful scenic spots in andHolman. There are many artifacts around the around Priest River. cabin illustrating what was in use back in the Following Hwy 57 north from Priest River leads you to [7] Priest Lake.1800\'s Lined with sandy beaches, surrounded by national and state forests,Visible from Priest Lake is Chimney Rock, watched over by the majestic Selkirk Mountains, lies a 23,000 acre lake (72a mass of granite jutting upwards, carved out miles of shoreline) surrounded by 523,000 acres of forested public lands.by converging glaciers. It requires technical Priest Lake was originally called Roothaan Lake by Father Desmet in 1846expertise to climb and rappelling knowledge in honor of his Jesuit Superior in Rome. One of the prominent peaks in theto descend. So unless you are a skilled Selkirk Range still bears the name Roothaan. In 1865, Captain John Mullanmountaineer, dont attempt this climb except designated this same lake as Kaniksu Lake on one of his maps. It is believedwith your eyes, seeking out and admiring that "Kaniksu" was the Indian name of Black Robe, although this has neverthose who know what they are doing.been authenticated. The name was gradually changed in the early 1900\'sReturning south on Highway 57, near from Kaniksu Lake to its present name of Priest Lake, which refers to thePriest River, the Albeni Falls Dam offers early-day Jesuit missionary priests who had established a base camp atguided tours and a visitor center. Traveling Kalispell Bay in the 1840\'s. To say fish thrive in Priest Lake would be anwest on Hwy 2, visit the twin towns of [8] understatement. Trophy fishing includes Mackinaw trout, Dolly Vardens,Oldtown, Idaho, and Newport, Washington. Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout. This area provides year-round recreationalThe Washington & Idaho state borders run opportunities including over 400 miles of groomed snowmobile trails fordirectly down the middle of Hwy 41, just winter enjoyment. In the summer, take a swing at Priest Lake Golf Course.south of these two communities. A number of lakeside resorts and campgrounds make this an ideal placeDriving south on Hwy 41 youll see to relax. For a peek at local life in the early 1900s, visit Vinter Nelson Cabin,Blanchard, home to StoneRidge, a fabulous an original homestead & museum on Eightmile Island (via boat only). 650-acre family community, where the lakes Upper Priest Lake, designated as a Scenic Area in 1986, is managed asblend with the forests. Year-round recreation a roadless area and offers a unique opportunity for a serene wildernessabounds including horseback riding, and an boating and boat camping experience. The entire shoreline is owned by18-hole championship golf course.either the State of Idaho or the US Forest Service. Hiking enthusiasts willContinue to [9] Spirit Lake. One of only surely want to explore Tillicum Creek Path. North of the lake, (13 milestwo lakes in the world with a sealed bottom, north of Nordman on Forest Road 302) at Roosevelt Grove dont missSpirit Lake attracts boaters and fishing the grandeur of ancient cedar trees (ranging from 800 to 2,000 years old).enthusiasts in the summer and ice fishing in One cedar tree even has an eclectic collection of shoes. There is also athe winter. The town started as a busy lumber LOCAL FACTS. town in the early 1900s and today is a quiet, friendly town with many of the downtownPriest Lake: Max. width 4.4 mi (7.1 km)Max. length 19 mi (31 km)369 ft. deep buildings listed on the Historical Register.The Northern end of the lake is within 15 miles (24 km) of the Canadian border.Stop off at the White Horse Saloon, the oldestUpper Priest is connected by a 2.5 mile thoroughfare to lower Priest continuously operating saloon in Idaho. 12 Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org'