b'The[1]CoeurdAlenesOldMission ,learn how an actual silver mine operates. (Exit39)atOldMissionStateParkwasThe6thStreetMelodramaTheater constructed in 1854 by Jesuit priests. Theoffers an evening of colorful 1880s-style structurehasfoot-thickwallsthatwereentertainment.AREA INFO:built without the use of nails and designedSoon after King Street leaves Wallaces in the tradition ofItalian cathedrals. city limits (about half-mile south) checkHistoric Wallace Chamber [2]Kelloggwas named after miner NoahoutthePulaskiTunneltrail,which KelloggwhoestablishedtheBunkerHillfeatures the abandoned mine where Big10 River Street Wallace, ID 83873Minein1892afterfollowingawaywardEd Pulaski saved all but six of his 45-man208.753.7151 mule.During this time, Kellogg was linkedfirefighting crew in the Great Fire of 1910. www.wallaceidahochamber.comby rail to the Coeur dAlene River at Cataldo Further east, at [4] Mullan(Exit 68 & 69) Historic SilverValley Chamberwhere steamboats brought supplies fromyouwillfindanotherhistoricalmining10 Station Ave.Kellogg, ID 83837Coeur dAlene.Mining was king in Kelloggcommunitynestledamongthepeaks208.784.0821until the mid 1980s when the economythatincludestheCaptainJohnMullansilvervalleychamber.comtransitionedtotourismandfunontheHistorical Museum.Mullan is the ideal slopes.SilverMountainResortoffersstopover when youre traveling betweenCdA River Ranger Dist.exceptional snow quality, seven lifts, 2,200LookoutPassandWallace.ItisalsoWallace, ID 83873 verticalfeetand2,500incredibleacresaccess to the Trail of the Coeur dAlenes208.752.1221offun.Year-roundyoucanrideNorthbikingtrailhead.GleefulbikerstraverseAmericaslongestsingle-stagegondolathe 73-mile Trail, a paved path that runsOld Mission State Parkand enjoy stunning mountain views, withfromMullantoPlummer,passingover208.682.3814 dramaticelevationchanges.Kellogglaysa historic bridge on Lake Coeur dAlene.parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/snuggled at the base of Silver MountainSpanning the border of Idaho & Montana,coeur-d-alenes-old-missionwherehistorybuffsflocktoKelloggsthis rails-to-trails route runs into the Nor StaffHouseMuseum,shoppersperusePac Trail onto the noteworthy HiawathaCity of Mullanthealpineshops,ormeanderalongtheTrailhead.The Route of the Hiawatha is a208.744.1515 DaveDoseTrailofwhimsicalsculptures.bike trail created from the old Milwaukee Just west of Kellogg, the historic WardnerRoadrailbed.TherailroadherewasCity of PinehurstMuseum welcomes you to the foundingbuilt between 1906 and 1911 and afterP.O. Box 417 site of the Bunker Hill Mine. 70yearsofhardshipandglorywasPinehurst, ID83850Fascinated by the underground? Exploreabandoned in 1980. In 1998 a portion of208.682.3721theCrystalGoldMine,anauthenticthe route was reopened to recreational 1880s gold mine and see unusual crystaluse in the form of a 15-mile groomedHIGHLIGHTS: formations,nativesilver,gold-bearingbiking path that follows what was once quartz,andminingartifacts.Twomilesthe great Milwaukee Railroad.The trailWallacefurther east at Big Creek, (Exit 54) is the [10]takes you through 11 large train tunnels Sunshine Mine Memorial, dedicated to 91andacross9sky-hightrestlestotheNorthern Pacific Depot Railroad Museumminers who died in a mine disaster in 1972.North Fork of the St. Joe River.Have yourOasis Bordello Museum [3]Wallace , Silver Capital of The World,flashlightsandbikelampsreadywhenPulaski Tunnel trail (Exit61),isoneofafewtownsinitsyou enter the 1.7 miles of darkness of TheSierra Silver Mine TourentiretylistedontheNationalRegisterTaftTunnel.Guidedtours,bikerentals, of Historic Places. There is a walking tourand shuttles are available. Kellogg ofHistoricWallace.ThehomesintheMullanalsoboastsabranchofthe Historic District are local renditions of theIdahoStateFishHatchery,theLuckyStaff House MuseumAmericanColonialrevivalandbungalowFriday Mine, Shoshone Park, and accessDave Dose Trail of whimsical sculpturesstyles, includingQueen Anne and Englishto miles of hiking, mountain biking, andWardner Museum - the founding site of Cottagestylesprevalentinthe1930s.snowmobilingtrails,includinghikingthe Bunker Hill Mine.WallaceDistrictMiningMuseum,thetrails to Lone Lake and Stevens Lake. MoreCrystal Gold Mine Northern Pacific Depot Railroad Museum,than a dozen alpine lakes can be foundSilver Mountain Gondola and Oasis Bordello Museum are all worthwithinafewmilesofWallace,Mullan a visit.For another unique adventure, hopor Murray . While a couple of them areMurray aboard the Sierra Silver Mine Tour trolley,accessible by ATV or jeep, most are not. where you will take a short ride out to theThe steep 3-mile Lower Lake Stevens trailSprag Pole Inn Museum mine. At the mine you will be met by arises about 1700 feet through a matureSettlers Grove of Ancient Cedars retired miner, and travel underground toSilver Country continued on page 39.Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org 37'