b"North Idaho F in boating column + floatingMaximum Length Disabled Access Horseback Riding Swimming Boating Fishing Hiking Showers Toilets (Flush or Vault) Dump Station Shelter Reservations SeasonCamp Grounds RV ParksDay Use (Sites) Camping (Sites) Hook-upsFor info on Forest Service Campgrounds, Kootenai County: (208) 769-3000Bonners Ferry;(208) 267-5561, Priest Lake;(208) 443-2512, Sandpoint; (208) 263-5111 Area Code 208 St. Joe; (208) 245-2531For reservations: 1-877-444-6777 or www.recreation.govBoundary CountryPublicBONNERS FERRY (Zip 83805, Area Code 208)(FS) Meadow Creek (Fee) 5 mi N of Bonners Ferry on US Hwy 2 on FS Rd 342222V5/5 - 10/1CLARK FORK (Zip 83811) Info on FSC- (208) 263-5111(FS) Porcupine Lake 9 mi N of Clark Fork on FS Rd 419, 6 mi W on FS Rd 632516V6/1 -9/1EASTPORT (Zip 83826)(FS) Robinson Lake 7 mi S. on Hwy 95; 1 mi N on FS 44810165/1 -10/1(FS) Copper Creek 1 mi E of EastportNorth LakesPublicATHOL (Zip 83801, Area Code 208) (FS) Whiskey Rock 1 mi S of Silverwood, take Bunco Rd or boat from Garfield Bay4916V5/15 -10/1(ID) Farragut State Park 4 mi E of Athol on Hwy 54 (683-2425) 224 16340F4/1 - 11/1HOPE/EAST (Zip 83836, Area Code 208)(FS) Sam Owen (Fee) 3 mi SE on Hwy 200, W 2 mi on Co. Rd 136 188035 F5/15 - 10/1PRIEST LAKE (Zip 83856, Area Code 208) (FS) Bartoo Island (Fee) 3 group sites (15 to 20 people) Access by boat12TV6/1 - 9/30(FS) Beaver Creek (Fee) 1 group site 9 mi E & N on FS Rd 1339 & 25124035V5/15 - 10/1(FS) Kalispell Island (Fee) Access by boat56TV6/1 - 9/30(FS) Luby Bay (Fee) 1 mi E on Paved Rd, 1 mi S on Gravel Rd.45235F5/15 - 9/30(FS) Osprey (Fee) 1 mi S on Hwy 57, 2 mi E & N on Gravel Rd.1720F5/15 - 9/15(FS) Outlet (Fee) 1 mi S on Hwy 57, 1 mi E & N on Gravel Rd.3122F5/15 - 9/15(FS) Reeder Bay (Fee) 7 mi N on Hwy 57, 4 mi E on Rd 13302535F5/15 - 9/30FS) Ledgewood Bay Picnic 1 mi N of Reeder Bay Campground12V6/1 -9/15(ID) Priest Lake State Park Priest River, 22 mi N on Hwy 57, Coolin, ID(443-2200)15035Fall yearPRIEST RIVER (Zip 83856, Area Code 208)(CE) Albeni Cove Recreation Area 6 mi W of Priest River, 2 mi E of Oldtown on E 4th St.1430F4/1 - 10/1(CE) Priest River Recreation Area (The Mud Hole) 1 mi E of Priest River on Hwy 220F4/1 -10/1(CE) Riley Creek Recreation Area 8 mi E of Priest River on Hwy 2 (437-3133)68F4/1 -10/1SAGLE (Zip 83860, Area Code 208)(ID) Round Lake State Park 10 mi S on Hwy 95 from Sandpoint, 2 mi W Dufort Rd5324Fall year (CE) Springy Point Recreation Area 1 S of Sandpoint on Hwy95, 3 mi W on Lakeshore Dr 40F4/1 -10/1Kootenai CountyPublicCOEUR D'ALENE (Zip 83814, Area Code 208)For info on Forest Service Campgrounds, (208) 769-3000 For reservations: 1-877-444-6777(FS) Beauty Creek (Fee) 7 mi E on I-90, S at Exit22, S on Hwy 97 2 mi 1 mi E on FS Rd 43872032V5/24 - 10/1(FS) Honeysuckle (Fee) 11 mi N on FS Rd. 268, 11 mi NE on FS Rd 612716V5/15 - 9/15(FS) Magee Historic 11 mi E on FS Rd 268, 5 mi E on FS Rd 209, 14 Mi N on FS Rd 4223V5/15 - 9/15(FS) Mt Coeur dAlene Picnic 6 mi S on Hwy 97, 2 mi S on Turner Cr, 3 mi E on FS Rd 4395V5/15 - 9/30 For info on BLM campgrounds call (208)769-5000(BLM) Killarney Lake I-90 to Hwy 3, 5 mi S to Killarney Lake Rd, 3 mi1521V5/1 - 10/31HAYDEN (Zip 83835, Area Code 208)(FS) Mokins Bay (Fee) 6 mi N on Hwy 95, 16 mi E on Lancaster, 11 mi E around Hayden La.1622V5/10 - 10/1SPIRIT LAKE (Zip 83869, Area Code 208)(FS) Bumblebee (Fee) 6 mi N on FS Rd 9, 3 mi E on FS Rd 2082516V5/15 - 9/30Kootenai County PrivateBAYVIEW (ZIP 83803)LAKELAND RV PARK 16100 Perimeter Rd.;683-4108 2525 1505/15-9/30Close to Silverwood.COEUR D'ALENE (Zip 83814)ALPINE COUNTRY STORE & RV PARK 17568 N. Hwy 95 Hayden Lake;772-430525 1504/1-10/15RV park and store, barbeque pits, 7 miles south of SilverwoodWOLF LODGE CAMPGROUND12329 E. Frontage Rd.;664-2812 or 866/664-2812100 100 5/15-9/30RV and tent sites, cabins, Large grassy sites, playground, laundry, store.SPIRIT LAKE (Zip 83869)SILVER BEACH RESORT AND RV PARK 8350 W. Spirit Lake Rd.; 208-623-48425/01-9/304 cabins and 1 RV;www.silver-beach-resort.com30 Majestic North Idaho|www.northidaho.org"