Beaches Resources and Info | North Idaho

Beaches in North Idaho

Inviting sandy strips of beaches provide the perfect waterscape for wading, splashing skiing, boating and swimming.

Coeur d'Alene Lake
White sandy beach in an attractive park. One can rent a paddle boat, go parasailing, ride around the lake in a seaplane, or just take a stroll on the beach.

Priest Lake
Called “Idaho’s Crown Jewel” because of the clarity and purity of its waters, offers the visitor 23,000 acres of fun in the center of the Selkirk Mountains. Explore 72 miles of shoreline, seven islands, and miles of public sandy beach by powerboat, sailboat, canoe, kayak, float boats or personal watercraft.

Sandpoint City Beach
City Beach Park, 18 acres wide and located on Bridge Street is the oldest and best known park in Sandpoint Idaho. Enjoy scenic views while playing on the sand and water.

Spirit Lake
The lake measures more than four and a half miles long and over a mile wide at its broadest point at Silver Beach. With 12 miles of shoreline, and 2440 feet above sea level, it is the highest elevation of all the small lakes in the Inland Empire and is nearly 100 feet deep in parts.

Q'emiln Park in Post Falls
The sandy beach offers a boat launch and group picnic facilities. Spend time enjoying the facilities or just dipping around.

Priest River-Albeni Falls Dam
is located on the banks of the Priest River just upstream from where it flows into the Pend Oreille (pond o'ray) River. Amenities include a boat ramp, pay phone, a playground, a shelter, a baseball field and a swimming beach.

Honey Suckle Beach
Located on Hayden Lake, this is a nice family friendly beach. Its the perfect beachy spot to splash, boat or fish.